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We provide a range of fire safety consultancy services and training to help ensure your workplace and/or project is safe from the risks of fire. Whether you need a fire risk assessment for your small business or HMO, or need to ensure your design is compliant with the relevant regulations or British Standard, get in touch to see how we can help you.

Our Fire Safety Consultancy Services UK team of experts will help you stay compliant with regulations and keep your staff and facility safe.

Positive Safety Solutions provide a range of fire safety related services to help ensure your business/project is compliant with all relevant Regulations. Our expert consultants conduct thorough assessments, develop tailored fire safety strategies, and provide training to enhance awareness and preparedness. We offer comprehensive Fire Safety Consultancy Services in the UK, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and minimising fire risks.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies to all workplaces (this includes construction sites), and requires the responsible person to ensure the safety of all relevant persons that might be harmed by fire.

CDM 2015 also imposes duties including the requirement to prevent risk from fire during the construction stage of your project.

In addition to the above explicit regulatory requirements for fire safety management of workplaces, The Building Regulations 2010 require compliance in relation to fire safety in design.

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Fire Safety services we provide include:

In England and Wales, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005  applies to all workplaces (this includes construction sites) and common areas in residential premises where there is more than one residential dwelling.  This Order requires the ‘responsible person’, which includes any person who, by virtue of any contract or tenancy, has an obligation in relation to maintenance or repair of the premises, or anything in or on the premises, or the safety of the premises, for example contractors, to ensure the safety of all relevant persons that might be harmed by fire.

As with all hazards, the first step to controlling it, is to first determine the risk, which is what the fire risk assessment aims to do.

Aside from the legal requirement to carry out a fire risk assessment, a fire risk assessment helps you understand the potential risks and improve your fire safety precautions, so you can keep employees and visitors safe.

We can conduct fire risk assessments on most premises which come under the requirements of the Order. Get in touch today to discuss your fire risk assessment needs.

The responsible person must ensure their employees are provided with adequate (suitable and sufficient) safety training when they are first employed and on being exposed to new or increased risks such as at the introduction of new equipment, a change of role with different responsibilities and/or the introduction of a new system of work, etc., (Article 21).

Standard fire safety training that Positive Safety Solutions Ltd offer include:

  • Fire safety awareness
  • Fire marshal
  • Fire warden
  • Fire extinguisher selection and use

A fire safety management plan details your arrangements to implement, control, monitor and review fire safety standards and to ensure those standards are maintained. The plan describes the arrangements for effectively managing fire safety so as to prevent fire occurring and, in the event of fire, to protect people and property.

The fire safety management plan consists of the adopted evacuation strategy and fire safety training specific to the building staff employed to work there, addressing any specific fire risks within the premises and detailing particular duties which should be performed during an evacuation for certain staff and the company policy and procedures to be implemented, such as maintaining compliance with fire risk assessments; maintenance and testing of internal systems; implementing in house fire door checks; arranging planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedules for the fire protection systems and any other relevant services; management of contractors and creating hot work permits etc.

We can assist you to put all of this information into a coherent fire safety management plan to help ensure you are appropriately managing fire risks in your business, or review/update your existing fire management plan to ensure it remains fit for purpose.

A fire safety policy outlines the various components of your fire safety management policy such as the: emergency response plan, fire prevention measures, fire safety systems management, periodic and specific compliance inspections, duties and responsibilities of individuals/functions within your organisation, fire safety management communication and specific fire safety training requirements.

Where a fire safety policy and associated procedures do not exist or have not been updated to reflect the changing nature of your business and premises, we can assist you to review and develop these to ensure you adequately protect your employees, customers, other relevant persons, and your business

Fire Safety Consultancy Services in the UK by PSSCT

We provide expert advice and guidance to companies and organisations throughout the UK. We offer comprehensive services designed to ensure that their businesses and clients are always up-to-date with the latest legislation and regulations.

Our experienced Fire Safety Consultancy Services UK team is trained in all aspects of fire safety, offering practical solutions tailored to each individual customer’s needs. We also provide expert training on fire prevention so that staff members know what action to take if a fire breaks out.

To know more about our Fire Safety Services, you may get in touch with us by filling in our online form or call us on 0800 448 0503. We look forward to hearing from you!

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