NVQ Level 6 health and safety. Earning an NVQ Level 6 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Practice signifies mastery in the field, akin to a bachelor’s degree. It’s a work-based qualification in the UK that assesses competency in performing specific roles in Occupational Health and Safety.

Positive Safety Solutions Consultancy & Training offers Level 6 Health and Safety NVQ designed to validate practical skills and knowledge relevant to the industry. This course provides comprehensive training and assessment to enable professionals to effectively manage occupational health and safety practices at a senior level within their organisation. It is suitable for anyone who wants to demonstrate their competence in promoting a safe and healthy work environment and understands the importance of this qualification as a pathway for career development and progression.

About this Level 6 Health and Safety Diploma

NVQ Health and safety
  • The Level 6 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Practice is aimed at candidates who are responsible for developing and applying health and safety procedures day-to-day in their organisation. They may be a staff member, supervisor or manager looking to improve their knowledge and skills.
  • Is the academic equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree. See our FAQs for more information about NVQ levels and their equivalents.
  • Is accepted by the Institution of Occupational Health and Safety (IOSH) for Graduate Membership (GradIOSH)*.
NVQ Level 6 health and safety
  • Successful applicants to GradIOSH membership can proceed the formal IOSH procedure for IPD and apply for Chartered Membership (CMIOSH)**.
  • *Subject to additional fees and the specific entry requirements of IOSH for this membership grade.
  • **Acceptance and progression to Chartered Membership of IOSH is dependent on the individual’s route to qualification, skills, knowledge and experience and may vary by individual. More information about the various routes to CMIOSH can be found on the IOSH website and can be downloaded here.
NVQ Level 6 health and safety
  • Candidates must complete all of the Mandatory Units.
  • There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification, but Positive Safety Solutions will carry out an initial assessment of candidate skills and knowledge to identify any gaps and help plan the assessment.
  • This qualification is competence-based, candidates must demonstrate the level of competence described in the units.
  • Each candidate is required to produce a portfolio of evidence which demonstrates their achievement of all of the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for each unit.
  • Candidates must be aged 19 or over.
NVQ Level 6 health and safety

Price: £1,425 inc. VAT

NVQ Level 6 health and safety check eligibility

Payment Plan

The total cost for this qualification using our Interest Free Payment Plan is:
  • NVQ Level 6 health and safety Inital Payment £295
  • NVQ Level 6 health and safety Monthly Instalments 11 x £105
  • NVQ Level 6 health and safety Admin Fee £25*

Why Choose Level 6 Health and Safety NVQ

A Level 6 NVQ diploma is a highly advanced work-based qualification that acknowledges practical skills, knowledge, and expertise in a particular profession or industry, and it is equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree in the UK. This qualification is fully accredited by IOSH and comprises seven mandatory units with a total of 60 credits upon completion. 

The mandatory units in this program include Health and Safety Management Principles and Policy (8 credits) and Health and Safety Management Practice (10 credits). You can rest assured that we provide high-quality services to help you achieve your career goals.

The NVQ Level 6 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Practice is targeted at individuals who have a significant role in managing health and safety practices within a workplace. This qualification is typically suited for those who are health and safety managers, advisors, coordinators, or consultants.

Securing a Level 6 Health and Safety NVQ Diploma can significantly enhance a candidate’s career prospects in the field of occupational health and safety, enabling them to take on leadership roles and contribute to the overall safety and well-being of employees and organizations.